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Tartan List of Available Wool Tartans

Here you will find a list of the Scottish Tartans that are currently available in readymade products. Following each name will be a series of numbers, each group of numbers represents a style or color of Tartan.Those shown with an * are available for products listed as available in brushed wool as well as worsted weight wool. When ordering tartans please use the numbers as indicated to avoid confusion.

( IE: if you wish to order a wool scarf in the Gordon Modern Tartan  order selection  # 359 )

To view the images of the tartans please click on the name below.

numbers 1-189 represent the Ancient Tartan
numbers 301- 519 represent the modern tartan
numbers 601-636 represent the weathered tartan

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Other selections ( Special Order Only )
Order by code to avoid confusion, may contain mixed colors depending upon Mill.The * denotes availablity in Brushed Wool.

Flower of Scotland  FOS*,The Tartan Army TTA*,Leatherneck ,US Marines LNK
Dundee Dun, Edinburgh EDN*,Glasgow GLA*,Holyrood HOL, Inverness INV, Musselburgh MUS*,Roxburgh Rox,Sterling and Bannockburn SAB

General Tartans for everyone

Available in Reiver weight Kilt and Skirt,Tie,Scarf,Sash, and Mini Rosette only

Pride of Scotland  POS, National Mellennium, NME,

Canadian Tartan
Available in Reiver Kilt and Skirt ,Ties,Sashes,and Scarves only.

Cape Breton CBR, British ColumbiaBRC ,Maple Leaf MAL , New Brunswick NBR
,Newfoundland NWF,Nova Scotia NSC,Prince Edward Island PEI ,

STP and TAR available in all worsted wool tartan products.All others available in
Kilts,Skirts,Sashes,and Scarves only.

Saint Patrick STP, Tara / Murphy TAR ,All Ireland Blue AIB ,All Ireland Red AIR ,
All Ireland Green AIG,Connemara COM,Connaught CON ,
Leinster Green LGR,Munster MUN,UlsterRed URD

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