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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
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Leather Sporrans

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Leather Sporrans

We are proud to now offer a select group of handcrafted leather or fur Kilt Sporrans. Each is an example of leather craft at its best. Don't see what you are looking for ? We have other varieties then what are shown here so if you do not see what you are looking please inquire with us and we may have exactly what your looking for. Though you find cheaper sporrans in Goat skin on the web you will not find a better value in authentic cowhide or fur sporrans around.

Chain straps for each sporran sold seperately. Buy your chain strap at the same time as your sporran and recieve a discount on the straps. See below. All sporrans made of hand tooled "Bovine" leather unless otherwise noted.

Chain Straps for Sporrans sold seperately

Leather Sporran
Leather Sporran
Leather Sporran
L001 Black Leather Sporran with three tassles.
$129.99 each
L003 Pebble finish black leather Sporran with tassles
$179.99 each
L005  Deluxe leather hunting Sporran with silver Cantle
$369.99 each
Leather Sporran
Leather Sporran
Horse Hair Military & Pipe Band Sporran
L017 Black Leather Sporran with embossed Celtic Design
$159.99 each
L018 Black leather Sporran with Morag Celtic rope design
$169.99 each
Horsehair Sporran with plain cantle and tassels
$449.99 each

Fur Sporran
Claf Leather Sporran
Hunting Leather Sporran
F008 White Rabbit Sporran with chain tassels.
$169.99 each
F007 Calf Dress Sporran
$149.99 each

L040 Black Leather Hunting Sporran

Celtic Knot Leather Sporran
Muskrat Sporran
Leather Hunting Sporran
L019 Black leather Sporran with Seamus Celtic Spiral design.
$159.99 each
F011 Black Muskrat Sporran with Thistle on Cantel and chain tassels.
$249.99 each
L004 Leather Hunting Sporran
$339.99 each
Rabbit Fur Sporran
Rabbit Fur Sporran
Rabbit Fur Sporran
F010 Rabbit fur no pouch
$229.99 each

F018 White Imitation fur with Silver Cantle
$229.99 each
F028 Grey Rabbit Sporran with jeweled cantle
$349.99 each

Masonic Sporran
Muskrat Sporran
Muskrat Sporran
SDMAS Masonic Sporran
$299.99 each
F027 Black Muskrat Sporran with jeweled cantle.
$379.99 each
F075 Black Muskrat Sporran with white tassels.
$289.99 each
Econemy Sporran Leather
Econemy Studded Sporran
Studded Sporran with Cantel
L101E Economy plain leather Sporran with three tassels
$39.99 each
L112E Economy studded leather Sporran
$59.99 each

L115E Economy studded leather Sporran with Cantle
$69.99 each
Chain Straps for Sporrans above.  
Purchase your chain straps with a sporran from above and save 20% on the strap purchase. This discount will be done manually and will not show up on the shopping cart total.
Large Leather Kilt Wallet
Leather Kilt Wallet
SBCRL Chain strap for sporrans above
$39.99 per set.

LWP Leather Large wallet pouch to fit kilt belt.
$64.99 each

RWP Leather regular wallet pouch to fit kilt belt.
$56.99 each

Clan Crest Leather Sporran
L032 Clan Crest Sporran, holds any of the clan badges shown on this site. Please specify clan when ordering.
$169.99 each

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