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Clan Related Jewelry

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Scottish Clan Related Jewelry

We offer the following items for all recognized Scottish Clans. To see images of the individual clan crests visit the "Clan Crest Table" provided by Scotland's premier clan crest manufacturer " Gaelic Themes".

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See also the Clan Sept Names page to see if your family is a sept of a larger recognized Scottish clan.

Scottish Clan Cap Badges
Solid handcrafted pewter cap badges available for all clan names plus Thistle,St Andrew's,Piper, and Masonic.Approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.Please specify Clan name when ordering.

Cap Badge $ 26.99 ea.

Scottish Cap Badges & jewelry      Scottish Cap Badges  

Generic Cap Badges
Available for those without a clan affiliation in the following styles,
Rampant Lion,Scottish Thistle,Piper.Please specify when ordering.

Generic Cap Badge $ 26.99ea.


Scottish Clan Crest Kilt Pins
Solid handcrafted pewter clan kilt pins available for all clan names as
Approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Clan Kilt Pin $ 26.99 ea.

Scottish Clan Kilt Pins      Scottish Clan Kilt Pins
to order click here  Guarantee

General  Kilt Pins
Solid handcrafted pewter kilt pins available in Rampant Lion, Scottish Thistle,
St Andrew's, Piper, or Masonic.

General Kilt Pins $ 26.99 ea.


Masonic Kilt Pin ( Not Shown ) $26.99 each
Similar to those shown above but with Masonic emblem instead of clan crest.

Pewter Plaid Brooches ( aprox 4" in diameter )
( worn on the shoulder to hold a Fly Plaid or to decorate a
gentleman's Prince Charlie or Argyll coatee. May also be used to pin a woman's sash)

Available in two styles:
5 Stone. ( Stones available Topaz,Emerald,Ruby, Sapphire )
4 Stone. ( Stones are available in Topaz,Amethyst,Sapphire,Ruby,or Emerald)

5 Stone Brooch $72.99 ea.
4 Stone Brooch $59.99ea.

Celtic Plaid Brooches made in Scotland     

Not shown : Lion Plaid Brooch $ 59.99

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