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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
Floral & Imports, Hopkinsville Kentucky USA

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Claddagh & Knot  Rings

All items on this page are quarenteed to be .925% pure sterling silver.Images are
shown aproximately actual size. Each is available in a variety of sizes. Most Womans rings are available in sizes 5-9 and mens rings are available in sizes 8-12. All rings are sold in even sizes.Those listed as Unisex ( U ) are suitable for both a man or woman.Those listed as (M) are men's sizes only

Knots in Celtic lore are symbols of eternal love or an eternal bond of friendship whereas, the Claddagh is a symbol of Love, Hope, & Charity and is considered a ring of betrothal.

In addition to the jewelry shown on these pages, Gaelic Dreams offers a great selection of instock fashion and costume jewelry in its retail location in Hopkinsville. Stop by today to see whats new.

Knot Rings
celtic knot ring
SR1031(M):$54.99 each Sizes 8-12
celtic knot band ring
 SR350:$27.99 each, Sizes 5-9
ladies celtic knot ring
SR696(U):$37.99 each, Sizes 6-11
sterling silver celtic knot ring
SR71(M):$69.99 each, Sizes 8-12
wide celtic band ring
 SR73(U):$49.99 each, Sizes 6-12
heart knot celtic ring
 SR989:$19.99 each, Sizes 6-8
eternity knot sterling sil;ver celtic ring
SR991:$31.99 each, Size 6-8
Claddagh Rings
pierced celtic knot ring
SR1465:$29.99 each, Size 5-8
mens and womens claddagh band rings
 SR1466(U):$39.99 each, Size 6-12
Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Rings
 SR1467: Puzzle Ring$94.99 each,
Size 6-10
sterling silver claddagh rings
SR1472:Antique Claddagh $39.99 each, Size 5-8
small claddagh ring
 SR1471:Tiny Claddagh $16.99each, size 5-9
sterling silver claddagh ring
 SR116:Small Claddagh $12.99 each, Size 5-9
medium claddagh ring
 SR117:Medium Claddagh $25.99 each, size 5-9
large silver claddagh rings
SR118(M):Large Claddagh $29.99 each , size 8-12
diamond cut claddagh rings
 SR120:Diamond Cut Claddagh $24.99 each, size 5-9

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