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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
Floral & Imports, Hopkinsville Kentucky USA

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Silk Tartans

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Silk Tartan Products ( Special Order Only )

Here you will find a selection of silk fashion accessories for both men and women.
 Each is available in your choice of 75 tartans.

Silk products may take up 4-12 weeks for delivery depending upon availability of the fabric.

303. Anderson,  5. Baird Ancient, 306. Baird Modern, 308. Black Watch,
BRH. Braveheart, 314. Bruce, 315. Buchanan, 315a. Buchanan Antique, 316a. Burns,
317. Cameron, 19. Campbell, 323. Campbell of Cawdor, 332. Crawford, 38. DMP. Dark Maple, Davidson Ancient, 40. Douglas Ancient, 346a. Erskine B/W, FOS. Flower of Scotland, 48. Forbes Ancient,
353. Fraser, 360. Gordon Dress, 58. Graham of Menteith Ancient, GRP. Grampian, 365. Gunn,
 INT. Irish National, 71. Johnson Ancient, 376. Kennedy, 383. Lindsay,
392. MacBeth, 92. MacDonald of the Isles Red Ancient, 396. MacDonald,
410. MacDuff, 419. MacGregor, 421. MacInnes Hunting, 422. MacKintosh,
422a. MacKintosh Chief/Clan Chattan, 111. MacKay Ancient, 428. MacKay, 430. MacKenzie,
113. MacKenzie Old Colors, 436. MacLachlan Hunting, 440. MacLean Hunting Anc,
124. MacLeod Ancient, 126. MacMillan Ancient, 446. MacNaughton,
452. MacPherson Hunting, 458. MacRae Hunting, 152. Murray of Atholl Ancient,
NAT. Scottish National, PRT. Perthshire, PMR. Princess Mary, 479. Ramsey Red,
482. Robertson, 487. Ross Hunting Anc, 492. Ruthven,  500. Sinclair, 513c. Stewart Camel,
509. Stewart Dress, 512. Stewart, Prince Charles Edward,
513. Stewart Royal, 513a. Stewart Royal Antique, 518. Wallace,

Silk Tartan Tie

Silk Scottish Tartan Ties
Available in all 75 tartans
Silk Tie: $29.99 each

Silk Tartan Cumberbund
Silk Scottish Tartan Cumberbund

Available in all 75 tartans
To Mens size 46.
Silk Cumberbund: $64.99 each

Silk Tartan Wing Tip or Self Tie Bowtie
Silk Scotiish Tartan Bowties
Available in all 75 tartans

Silk Wing Tip  Bow Tie: $19.99 each
Silk Self Tie Bow Tie : $26.99 each

Silk Tartan Scarf
10.5"x54" Available in all 75 silk tartans.
Silk Scottish Tartan Scarf
Silk Scarf: $44.99 each

Silk Tartan Sash
10.5"x90" Similar to illustration but in  Silk
Silk Sash: $89.99 each

Silk Mini Sash ( Not Shown ) 15cmx70cm
designed to pinned at the shoulder. Available in all 75 tartans.
$29.99 each

Silk Tartan Stole ( Not Shown ) 24"x72"
Available in all 75 tartans $99.99 each

Silk Tartan Waistcoat
Similar to illustration but in Silk

Worsted Wool Scottish Tartan Waistcoats and Vests

Mens sizes 36"-46"
Available in all 75 tartans
Mens Waistcoat: $119.99 each

Womans sizes 8-20
Available in all 75 tartans
Womans Waistcoat: $129.99 each

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