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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
Floral & Imports, Hopkinsville Kentucky USA

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Tartan Images MacD-MacF

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Tartan MacD-MacF

Tartans shown are available in all worsted wool products. Those with an ( * ) are available also in brushed wool. The numbering system is as follows... Ancient Colors 1-189, Modern Colors 301-520, Weathered Colors 601-636. When ordering we ask that you order by the designated number to avoid confusion.

Left to Right: MacDiarmid,  MacDonald Clan,  MacDonald of Ardnamurchan, MacDonald of Boisdale

Left to Right: MacDonald of Clanranald, MacDonald Dress,  MacDonald of Glencoe, MacDonell of Glengarry

Left to Right: MacFDonald of the Isles Green, MacDonald of the Isles red, MacDonald of Kingburgh,  
MacDonald of the Isles Hunting

Left to Right:  MacDonald of Sleat,  MacDonald of Staffa,  MacDonell of Keppoch, MacDougall

Left to Right: MacDuff,  MacDuff Dress,  MacDuff Hunting,  MacEwan

Leftt o Right: MacFarlane, MacFarlane Black & White,  MacFarlane Hunting

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