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Understanding Chakras

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Understanding Chakras

The Color of the Chakras

There are many energy centers in and around your body that are influenced by your thoughts and awareness of your surroundings. We call these centers “chakras” (pronounced “shock-rahs”), which, when translated, means “wheel” in Sanskrit. When visualized  they are considered to resemble fans with their blades overlapping. Each chakra has a connection with colors that they both radiate and absorb. Starting from the root , or base of the spine, these colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, maroon, red-violet, violet, and indigo. Though some practictioners of Reiki consider the 6th and 7th ( maroon and red-violet ) to be minor chakras and therfore don't concentrate treatment on them often.

Of the hundrens of energy centers we are going to concentrate on the nine major chakras.These tend to be the points in the body that psychics and healers concern themselves with most. Each of these points is situated on or near a hormonal gland. They all push life energy (or chi) through the body and also constantly receive and radiate energy themselves. Each chakra relates to different thoughts and issues that concern us, such as career and finances, lifestyle, relationships, goals and aspirations, or the future. To keep ourselves emotionally physically and spiritually balanced, these energy centers must remain unblocked and “spinning” freely.

The colors of the Chakras

First charka: Located at the base of your spine is the base or root. This spins, creative a ruby-red color, and relates to physical security, survival instincts, such as food, shelter, and warmth, and also basic material needs.

Second charka: In the abdomen is found the sacral center, 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 centimeters) below the solar plexus. It spins slightly faster than the root chakra, appearing as a brilliant orange. This chakra connects to physical desires and emotions. It deals with physical pleasures, sex, food, and thrill-seeking. It is also associated with addictions and bodily habits, such as weight gain, health, exercise, sleep, and physical appearance.

Third major chakra or the solar-plexus: is found just above the navel and spins faster than the sacral chakra. The chakra is affected by thought and emotion and vibrates a pure yellow. Power and control are centered here: control over oneself, as well as over others.

Fourth chakra: heart, chakra deals with love and the realization of “oneness.” The heart is the first of the upper chakras, and its spin is medium to fast; it resonates with the emerald green, and also pink. The heart chakra is affected by thought and feelings concerning all relationships: with family, lovers, friends, colleagues, employers, teachers, peers, and strangers. Love of all kinds-romantic, platonic, and divine, as well as love of the higher self-are centered in the heart chakra. This major chakra also deals with relationship obsessions, codependency, and negative relationship addictions, forgiveness, or lack of forgiveness. This chakra is fundamental to the development of clairsentience, or “clear feeling.”

Fifth chakra: the throat chakra, is found just in front of the Adam’s apple. It spins rapidly and is colored sky blue. This chakra relates to communication and speaking the truth-to yourself, as well as others. It is concerned with creative projects, such as art, singing, writing, channeling, and teaching.
Sixth and Seventh chakras: are inside the head, just above each ear. Their colors are maroon or red-violet. The ear chakras relate not only to divine communication and clairaudience, but also to what is heard and what has been heard, including personal phrases (usually repeated) verbal abuse, the energy of music, and environmental noises.

Eighth major chakra: is known as the “third eye.” It is oval in shape and is found between the physical eyes. It is called the third eye because it has an eye in the center radiation a deep indigo blue. The third eye is turned inward, facing your identity; it is the eye of your higher self. This chakra records everything that you feel, think, and do. It is believed that one watches a playback of this “life movie” when one passes on to a higher plan. The third eye deals with how you relate to your future, as well as to the past, including past lives. It is also concerned with your beliefs about the spirit world, as well as your fear or desire to see angels or apparitions. A clear, unblocked third eye will link you strongly to your higher self.

The Ninth and final chakra: the crown, lies just inside the top of the head and resembles a ceiling fan that is a rich, deep, royal purple, This is the receiving center and is concerned with claircognizance or “clear knowing’: the ability to receive information and ideas from the collective unconscious or the divine mind. This chakra is often very active in creative people who can pick up inspiration from the cosmos. This chakra is related to religion or spirituality and our relationship to God and divine guidance. This chakra deals with spiritual trust, when we believe that we receive information from the etheric plane without knowing “how” we know.

Common Gems Associated with Charka or Reiki treatments:

Clear Quartz: energizer, conductor, intensifier, All chakras
Rutilated Quartz: Programmable, attunement, amplification, All Chakras
Rose Quartz: Love and feelings of well being, releases stress, emotional healing, 4th Chakra
Carnelian: Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, healing, 3rd Chakra
Amethyst: Physic ability, third eye, intuition, release adictions, flea preventative, 6th 7th 8th Chakras
Flourite: Mental enhancement, clarity, cleansing energy fields, 6th Chakra
Agates: communication, confidence, mental clarity, meditation, 5th Chakra
Bloodstone: cleansing, grounding, blood disorders, vitality, 1st Chakra
Jasper: Physical strength, vitality, stabilizes energy, 1st & 2nd Chakra
Calcite, Emerald: relaxation, stress relief, emotional balance, 4th Chakra
Calcite, Amber: Vitality, clarity, sensory awareness,1st & 7th Chakra
Calcite, Blue: physic ability, astral travel, soothing emotions, 5th & 6th Chakra
Chrysoprase: spiritual growth, compassion, connection with nature, forgiveness, 3rd & 4th Chakra
Tiger's Eye: Gold, protective, absorbs neg. energy, Blue, balance, vitality , strength,1st 2nd 3rd Chakra
Emerald: Love, compassion, healing, abundance, 4th Chakra
Black Tourmaline: purification, protection, 1st Chakra, Pink: 4th Chakra Green: 4th
Sodalite: Access subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhance insight, mental performance, 6th Chakra
Unakite Jasper: Healing, balance, release bad habits, patience, attunement,
 All Chakras especially 4th Chakra
Rhodolite Garnet: Emotional healing, self-worth, walking the spiritual path, 1st 4th 7th Chakra
Onyx: Inner strength, focused attention, will power, dicipline, reason, 1st 3rd 6th Chakra
Obsidian: Psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, spirit communication, 1st Chakra
Apache Tears: Grounding, protection, enjoyment of physical experience, emotional cleansing, 1st 2nd 4th Chakras

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