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Understanding Auras

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Understanding Auras

Color and the Aura

Every living thing generates an energy field that when analyzed in a visual form becomes its Aura. The human aura can expand as far as 20 feet and resembles a colorful wavering outline around the body. This Aura is in constant flux and changes shape, size and color in unison with the individuals thoughts, emotions or moods. To visualize the aura you need to soften your eye focus and look just beyond the item or person you are studying. There are some who can see aura inwardly and thus use their instincts to do their interpretations.

Colors of the Auras

Red: Anger or Anxiety, person of an unforgiving nature, money troubles or obsessions

Pink: Light or Bright in hue: happiness, love compassion. Strong colors represent a new or renewed love interest or passion. It may also indicate the individual has the ability of clairaudience or being a spirit guide.
Pink: Murky or Dark: Immature or dishonest tendencies

Orange: Shows a sociable or out going nature, a creative person with an artistic or creative temperament. May also be indicative of someone who is stress induced by an addiction including over indulgence of food ,drugs or alcohol.

Pale Yellow: An emerging or physic awareness. It also shows a positive attitude and optimistic outlook. can denote excitement about new ideas.

Lemon Yellow: Indicates a person who is fearful of loosing control in a relationship whether in business or personal nature. A person who struggles to keep power , prestige or respect.

Bright Gold or Metallic Yellow: Shows a spiritual awakening, energy and inspiration.

Dark Brownish Yellow or Gold: A person in training. A person who tens to be over analytical to the point of self inflicted stress.

Bright or Emerald Green: Denotes a person with healing ability, green around the fingers denotes healing hands.

Murky or Dark Green: is indicative of resentment and jealousy. A person with this aura can be described as a “victim”: an insecure person with low self-esteem. This person probable has little sense of personal responsibility and is very sensitive to criticism.

Pale Blue: shows intuition, truthfulness, and an expressive personality.

Royal Blue: indicates clairvoyant ability and a highly spiritual and generous nature.

Murky and Dark Blues tend to show a fear of speaking the truth, of self-expression, and also of the future.

Purple: has very spiritual indications. If the aura is red-violet, this indicates clairaudience.

Blue-purple: aura can mean that the Archangel Michael is standing within the person’s auric field.

Murky Purple: means that there is desperate need for love and attention.

Combined with White, Purple shows truth and purity. If a woman’s aura included flashes of bright white light within the auric field, it is likely that she is, or will soon become, pregnant.

Black usually means that there are long-felt issues of forgiveness to be addressed, with negative entities lodged within the person’s auric field, chakras, or body. Black can also be indicative of hurts suffered in past lives. If a woman has blackness around the ovaries, there is a probability of unreleased grief due to miscarriage or abortion.