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Color in Daily Use ( Feng Shui Principles )

The energy that resides in all things is termed to be “Chi” by Eastern thought. It is this energy that permeates every aspect of our existence. Chi is sometime translated as the “breath of life” and therefore exists in the balance of the total universe. It is this balance that has become qualified as the Ying and Yang. In terns of color, White and Black are used to denote this balance. White is the warm masculine Yang and counters the cold Black feminine Yin. By using the priciple detailed below either in decor, fashion or even therapy work we can help direct this Chi and thus ensure a more balanced exhistence.


In Feng Shui the four celestial animals , the dragon, tiger, turtle, and phoenix are linked to the four directions, North, South, East and West. Each animal has at least one color that is associated with it. Though this association the animals also represent the physical world around us .

The Dragon is the most potent of the celestials and is associated with good luck and prosperity. It is regarded as masculine and therefore a symbol of Yang. It is linked with the East and the season of Spring. Green is the color most representative of the dragon.

The Tiger is the symbol of strength and protection. It is the opposite of the dragon and therefore its counter balance. The tiger is a representation of the feminine and thus relates to the Yin. It is linked to the West and the season of Fall. The symbolic color associated with the Tiger is white.

The Turtle or tortoise represents the North and thus stands for support, stability and longevity. It is linked with the color black and the season of Winter.

The Phoenix is the symbol of opportunity. Red is its color and is representative of fire. The phoenix is linked to the South and the season of Summer.


Each compass direction in Feng Shui is representative of an element. Being that there are just five elements and eight cardinal directions the elements, wood, earth, and metal, represent more then one direction.


The element from which all else emanates is water. It is symbolical of the North and therefore black and dark blue. Water is connected to the number one and in the Chinese Zodiac the signs of the Rat and Pig.


Wood is linked to the East and to a lesser extent the South East. It is symbolized by plants and flowers. The color best representing wood is green and relates to the Tiger and the Rabbit.


The element of the South is Fire. Its red or orange color are linked to candles lights and open flames. It relates to the zodiac signs of the Horse and Snake.


The reliable and stable element of Earth is represented by yellow or brown. These colors are connected to the center, South-west and North-east. Its seasons are Spring and Fall. In the zodiac it is represented by the Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog.


The colors associated with metal are white, gold and silver. It is linked with both the West and North-west. The season is Fall and the zodiac connections are the Rooster and Monkey. Metal denotes abundance and financial success. Caution should be used in the use of metal or its associated colors as it can promote financial aggression or greed.

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