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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
Floral & Imports, Hopkinsville Kentucky USA

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Gourmet Food Gifts

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Gourmet Foods  & Fruit Baskets

We stock a great assortment of foods imported from Europe as well as Gourmet delectable's from the US and Canada. Fruits are hand selected, and  artfully arranged in woven or wicker baskets according to your requirements.

FTD C40-2991    
    Fruit & Cheese Basket $39.95 each  
  FTD C40-2999
  Large Fruit Basket $49.95 each
If you are looking for a particular theme basket we can assemble them in authentic European country styles with products from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. We can also do them in a particular theme such as a Tea lovers, Chocolate Lovers, Cookie Basket, Dessert Basket, or Honeymoon basket. For those who have a a fondness for the more unique we stock a select range of Gourmet foods and cheeses from all over Europe and can add these to any fruit basket.

Ask ask our staff for the latest availability and selections when placing an order.
FTD C40-3536   $54.95 each    
  FTD C40-3788   $69.95 each  
To place an order please call 270-886-0010
Daily local deliveries to Hopkinsville, Ft Campbell , Oak Grove, Kelly and Pembrook Kentucky

The following items are FTD Web-Gifts and can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada. Most items can be delivered within 3-7 days of placing the order.
Second Day or Next Day delivery available at an additional cost.

FTD: Chili Out Basket
$66.95 each
gourmet gifts and fruit baskets
FTD: Bountiful Gourmet Gift Basket
$69.95 each
FTD: Formal Recognition Gift Basket
$76.95 each
FTD: Tee Time Treats
$66.95 each
FTD: It's A Guy Thing
$56.95 each
FTD: Movie Night Gift Box
$66.95 each
FTD: Thanks a Million Basket
$84.95 each
FTD: RX for Smiles Gift Box
$62.95 each
FTD: Arrive in Style Baby Gift
$81.95 each
FTD: Surprise Party Basket
$66.95 each ( 2 day Rush $76.95 )

2nd Day:
We can also wire flower arrangements anywhere in the world for you through "FTD" & "Teleflora"

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover by phone

"SRP= Suggested Retail Price" This price may vary and is set by each independent FTD florist. Orders sent beyond our local delivery area will be accessed a $3.00 relay charge plus the actual delivery fee as required by the delivering shop. Prices in larger cities such as New York , Los Angeles, Dallas or Orlando may be higher. Orders placed by noon Central time can be delivered the same day in most cases.

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