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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
Floral & Imports, Hopkinsville Kentucky USA

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Medieval/Fantasy Gifts

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Medieval, Fantasy, Gothic & Celtic Gifts

Fantasy Dragon & Knight Chess Set
37128: Medieval Knight slaying dragon chess set with storage compartment.
Handpainted resin, base11.25" square, 12" tall  Does double duty as
a showpiece when chess is not being played. $199.99

We stock a full range of Fantasy decor in a Medieval and or Gothic style.
Into Faerie's, Dragons, Wizards, or Gargoyles?  We have those too!

Double Dragon Sword Plaque
imports from around the world
Dragon Figurines medieval and renaissnace gifts
Double Dragon with removeable sword polyresin wall plaque. 9.5"x3"x12"
$29.99 each
Dragon letter opener with stand. 8"x7"x9", polyresin and metal.
$29.99 each
Fierce Dragon figurine. Handpainted polyresin.5"x4"x8.5" tall
$24.99 each
Medieval Dragon Box
Dragon Mist Fountain
Dragon Incense Burner
Medieval Dragon Box fit for Celtic King. Accented with Celtic knots. 7"x4.75"x5.5"
$22.99 each
Dragon Guardians sending down a mystical mist. 11.25"diam x13.25" high
$129.99 each
Dragon resin Incense Burner. Dragon head and skull feet with a guardian dragon top.
$16.99 each
Dragon Candle Holder
Dragon Tea Light Holder
Dragon Electric Lamp
Blue Dragon candleholder. Handpainted resin hold three taper candles (not included). 8"x5.5"x10"
$19.99 each
Dragon Candleholder besieged by a fierce predator. Hold three tea-liights(not included) 7.5"x5"x9.25"
$29.99 each
Dragon with Globe Table Lamp. UL listed. Max 75 watt bulb. Glass globe. 8.5"x7"x18"
$69.99 each


Dragon with Sword Figurine
Dragon Oil Burner
Medieval Dragon Lamp
Metallic Dragon and Sword. Crystal & gold leaf details. 8.75"x4"x11.5"
$39.99 each
Dragon Oil Burner.
Resin, acrylic & glass
$24.99 each
Medieval Dragon Lamp
with shade. 7"x6"x21.5"
11" Diam Shade
$59.99 each
Dragon Mother with Eggs Figurine
Fantasy Gifts, Dragons, Fairies & More
Blue Dragon Clock
Blue Dragon With Eggs Motherly Love. LED light crystal base. 6"x5.25"x10"
$34.99 each
Bejeweled Blue Dragon  hold a large pearl in his claws. Large. 15.5"x8.75"x18"
$99.99 each
Blue Dragon holding a quartz clock surrounded by flames.
7.25"x4"x8.5" tall
$19.99 each
Double Dragon Sword Plaque
Dragon Wish Box
Dragon Book Ends
Dragon and Sword
Coat-Of-Arms plaque. Swords are removeable. 3.5"x1.5"x14"
$39.99 each
Dragon Wish Box, hide your wish sroll in the hidden compartment.
$12.99 each
Fierce Dragon Bookends, extremely detailed and heavy weight.
10.25"x3.25"x7" each
$24.99 pair

Young Wizards Collection

Cauldron Desk Organizer/Pen Holder $14.99 each
Young Wizards Crystal Ball & Cauldrom Stand $49.99
Spell Casting In Progress Wall Plaque $14.99 ea
Young Wizards Owl Trinket Box $29.99 each 5.6" long
Young Wizards Black Cat Trinket Box $29.99 each
Young Wizards Owl
Wishing Box $14.99 ea
Young Wizards Black Cat Wishing Box
 $14.99 each
Young Wizards Gold Leafed Spell Book with Owl Pen $49.99 each
Young Wizards Gold Leafed Book of Shadows with Black Cat Pen $49.99 ea

Celtic & Gothic Gifts

Celtic Cross Candle Holder 1
$19.99 each
Gothic Lion Candle Holder
$24.99 each
Dark Witch Candle Holder
$24.99 each
Horned Demon Candle Holder
$14.99 each
Dragon & Cross Tea Light Holder $29.99 each
Pentacle Wall Scounce Tea Light Holder $24.99 each
Pentacle Candle Holder
$29.99 each
Dragon Incense Burner
$16.99 each
Celtic Cross Tea Light Holder
$19.99 each
Bat Wing Offering Bowl
$19.99 each
Double Dragon Oil Burner
$19.99 each
3-Fold Oil Burner
$24.99 each
Demon Claw Wall Scounce
$29.99 each
Dark Angel Scrying Bowl
$19.99 each
Pentacle Wall Plaque
$19.99 each
Griim Reaper Wall Plaque
Grim Reaper Clock
Skull Timer
Grim Reaper  wall plaque, presents a bony welcome to all guests.Polyresin. 9.5"x2"x7.25" high.
$14.99 each
Grim Reaper clock.
Polyresin 6"x4.5"x9" high
Quartz movement..
Requires AAA battery.
$39.99 each
Grim Reaper timer.Colored sand denote the passage of five minutes as Reaper faces watch. Polyrsin & glass.
$24.99 each
Gruesome Skull Tankard
Dragon Incense Box
Resin Skull Sword Holder
Gruesome skull tankard. Hoist your grog aloft in a fiendlishly fun tankard. removeable steel cup.
$34.99 each
Polyresin Dragon incense burner. Includes 15 Sandlewood incense sticks. 10.5"x3"x3" tall
$19.99 each
Resin skull with crossed removeable sword letter openers.
10.5"x2.75"x6.25" tall
$29.99 each

Whether you are looking for Armour, Weapons, Chainmail or home decor,
 Gaelic Dreams has what you need.

Medieval Knights & Armor Gifts

These items may require special ordering, please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Heavy items may require additional shipping charges depending upon the final destination. Shipping charges for these items will be billed at cost.

French Medieval Knight Figurine
English Medieval Knight Figurine
Yorkish Knight Figurine
7.5" French Knight on horseback. Exquisite detail. Handpainted polyresin of the finest quality.
$54.99 each
8.25" English Knight on horseback. Exquisite detail. Handpainted polyresin of the finest quality.
$54.99 each
8.75" York Knight on horseback. Exquisite detail. Handpainted polyresin of the finest quality.
$54.99 each
Medieval Knight Wall Scounce
Medieval Armour Plaque
Carved Shield Wall Mirro in a Medieval style
38177: Medieval Knight wall scounce , holds two votive or Tea-lighht candles (not included) Polyresin,
9"x5.5"x15" tall
$29.99 each
38195: Knightly Armour wall plaque richly adorned with lots of detail presented on a black wood wall plaque. Polyresin.
$24.99 each
37860 Carved shield wall mirror. Impressivly detailed  looks like ancient carved stone. MDF & glass. 12.25"x.5"x18" tall
$24.99 each

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