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Roman's Collectables

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Roman's Fontani & Joseph Studio Collectables

The Last Supper $69.99 each
Joseph's Studio "The Last Supper" Renaissance Stone resin,
Measures 4.5"H x 11.25"W x 4.25"D
Sacred Heart
Joseph Studio Sacred Heart of Jesus - 10 1/4" sacred heart Jesus figure renaissance collection. 10.25"H 4.25"W 2.75"D Stone resin, gift boxed. Roman Exclusive
$34.99 each
Joseph's Studio - Jesus Christ Knocking At Door Renaissance - Stone resin, measures 11.75"H 5.75"W 3.5"D
$44.99 each

Blessed Virgin,
Joseph's Studio "Madonna W/ Child" - Stone resin figure, measures
12.5"H 4"W 3"D
Madonna With Child
The Madonna is a Roman Catholic title for Mary, mother of Jesus. It comes from the Italian "Mia Donna" which means "My Lady".
$44.99 each

Roman Holy Family Musical Tree Bark - Realistic wood look carved piece is actually a wind up musical. Plays "O' Holy Night". Stone resin, measures
12 1/2" x 5".
$34.99 each

Roman Holy Family Figurine - This is a supperior quality item made of stone resin, and even if you are holding it in your hand, it is hard to tell it is not solid hardwood. Hand painted, measures 12 1/2" tall x 6" wide
$44.99 each

Joseph's Studio "La Posada" - Stone resin, measures 10"H 8.25"W 6.25"D
"La Posada"
$64.99 each

Joseph's Studio - Jesus Washing Feet - stone resin, measures 6.5"H 8.25"W 4.5"D
$39.99 each

Christ Calming the Sea
Fontanini "Christ Calming the Sea of Galilee" - 5 Inch Christ Calming the Sea of Galilee 50618
" 4 Piece set
" Made of Polymer and Fabric
" Life of Christ Series
Measures :
10 1/2 x 7 x 11
$129.99 each

Roman St Joseph "Home Sales Kit" - This is an attractive packaged piece as shown, stone resin and measures 4" tall
$14.99 each

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