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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
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International Flag Gifts

international flags license plates and gifts
Rampant Lion Flag
SFLAG : 3'x5' Polyester $ 14.99

 Scottish St Andrew Flag
STAND : 3'x5' Polyester $ 14.99

Irish Flags & Gifts
Irish Republic National Flag
IRNFG : 3'x5' Polyester $14.99

NIREFG : Northern Ireland Flag 3x5' $ 14.99

Irish " Erin" Flag
IREGB : 3'x5' Polyester $14.99

ENGDFG English Flag : 3x5' $ 14.99

BRITFG British Union Jack : 3x5" $14.99

WALEFG : Wales Flag 3x5' $14.99

Windsocks :
available in : Scotland , Ireland, United Kingdom
Other countries by special request
$ 9.99 each

These items have been redesigned and may vary slightly from thise shown. They are now made of a heavy duty die cast aluminum for more durability. The process is similar to most state issued license plates.

 ( New design has no shamrock )
IRFLP: Irish License plate $9.99 each

 ( now has the Rampant Lion Crest in center )
STALP: St Andrew License plate $9.99 each

Scottish Irish & Welsh License Plates
RLSLP: Rampant Lion License plate $9.99 each

WDFLP: Wales Dragon License plate $9.99 each

Also available but not shown are a fine line of heavy duty metal license plates made just like a state issue.
($9.99 each )

Union Jack
Absolutely Irish
US Army
US Army Retired

Irish - American Flags
Union Jack - American Flags
Canada - American Flags
Mexico - American Flags

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