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Scottish Tartans & Highland Wear

The wearing of tartan plaid is a Celtic tradition. The colorful fabrics were woven by local Scot & Irish weavers and in latter centuries became associated with either a particular family or region. Owing to the Celtic uprisings in both Scotland and Ireland, during the 17th & 18th centuries,  the wearing of tartan plaid was at one time prohibited by English law.

The clan tartans that we know today, with a few documented exceptions, can be traced back to the early 19th century when the wearing of tartan was once again permitted and became quite fashionable with the Victorian romanatics. The Wilson company was one of the first to begin to document and design clan tartans to fill this craving. It is from this period that many of the clan tartans had a Wilson's stock number assigned to them.

When choosing a tartan to wear keep in mind that not all families have registered tartans so choose one that is appropriate for you. Though there are no laws stating that you cannot wear whatever tartan you wish remember that clan tartans, in particular, should be worn by those who have a legitimate connection to the family whether through blood, marriage, fostering, addoption or historical alliance. Wearing a Kilt should not be apprached as if you are wearing a costume but rather a way of showing your native pride. They are, after all, a form of national identity and dress and should be treated with respect.

To view the clan tartans available go to the Tartan List  page of this site. To see if your family indeed has a connection to one of the larger clans see the Clan Sept Names page of this site. If your family has Irish origins see the Irish Names & Origins page of this site to determine what Irish County tartan to select.

General tartans such as the Black Watch or Royal Stewart are suitable for anyone to wear. You might also choose one of the district or commemorative tartans as well.

See Also: Clan Sept Names to learn if your name is part of a larger clan.

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For Irish Tartans or Irish Made Kilts see the Irish Tartans page of this site

To determine what tartan to choose if you are Irish see the Irish Names & Origins page of this site. There you will learn from what county your family had its origins.

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