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15 Easy Steps to Living A Greener Lifestyle

1. Use personal care and household products that do not contain artificial chemicals, colorants or additives. These are better for your health and skin anyway.

2. Avoid food that have added preservatives, colorings or artificial flavorings. Not only are these bad for you but many are made of petroleum by-products.

3. Compost your food wastes and then use this to enhance your flower or vegetable plantings. Grass clippings and hedge trimming should also be composted.

4. When gardening or taking care of your lawn do not use harsh unnatural  chemicals. There are many alternatives on the market today that are not only natural or organic but are also less harmful to the native wildlife.

5. When shopping, use a  reusable shopping bag or a 100% recyclable bag.

6. Recycle all plastic or glass containers and all paper products including news papers.

7. Use cloth towels as opposed to paper towels.

8. Use 100% cotton diapers instead of disposables. If everyone did this the wasted would be reduced drastically.

9. Use soaps and detergents that are 100% bio-degradable and contain natural enzymes.

10. Avoid littering. This waste gets into our streams and rivers and adds unneeded pollutants.

11. Use new fluorescent low wattage bulbs in place of heat generating incandescent.

12. Use carpooling when ever possible. This helps eliminate fluorocarbons and added pollutants in the air.

13. Exercise and eat a healthy diet low in saturated fats. By maintaining a healthy diet not only will you feel better and have more energy but you may also live longer.

14. Rather then using over the counter medications, use herbal treatments. This helps you from becoming immune to prescription drugs when you really need them.

15. Encourage you family, friends and neighbors to do the same. If every neighborhood in the US instituted mandatory recycling and took responsibility for controlling pollution the world would be a better place and Mother Nature would have a chance to heal herself.

Gaelic Dreams Floral & Imports offers a variety of classes and workshops designed to put you in touch with your natural self and with nature. If you would like to know what classes or services are available click here: Classes & Workshops

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Gaelic Dreams Floral & Imports does everything in its power to reduce our waste and to recycle whenever possible. We compost all our flower clippings and wastes. Our merchandise bags are 100% recyclable and we use natural cleansers to keep our shelves and floors fresh. We hope that many of you will start or continue on a similar path as, together, we can make the world a better place. To find natural products be sure to see the pages of this site by using the links to the right or at the top and bottom of each page.

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