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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
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Penny Whistles

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Penny/Tin Whistles

Traditional Penny or Tin Whistles provide a unique sound that is popluar in many Celtic tunes. Some say they have a melodic haunting sound that is soothing yet mysterious. In addition to those offered here we can provide you with professional models, suitable for professional musicians and in other musical keys. Please contact us for more details.

NEW- Penny Whistle ( Tin Whistle )
"D" Irish or Scottish Tin Whistle with book & play-along CD $32.99 each
( Whistles are the same , music books come in your choice of Irish or Scottish tunes.
 Make your selection below... ) The perfect carry along instrument!

Irish Tunes w/ CD & Book $32.99
Scottish Tunes w/ CD & Book $32.99

Irish Tunes w/ Book Only $24.99
Scottish Tunes w/ Book Only $24.99

This DVD will give you guided study on the proper way to play your new Tin Whistle. Whether you have never played an insturment before or an accomplished musician you will find useful hint in this film to make your playing better and more professional sounding.

Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle DVD $39.99 each

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