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Natural Pet Care

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Natural Pet Care Products

By Native Remedies... Naturally

Natural pet care products for the four legged members of your family. These products are
manufactured with the same care, standards and percision that the human line,
 "Native Remidies", is made.

These products are shipped directly from the warehouse and generally take 7-10 days for delivery. If for some reason the item you wish is out of stock we will notify you within 24-48 hours. No charges are made to your credit card until the shipment have been sent.
Aggression Formula™
Helps prevent aggressive behavior in dogs and cats.
$34.95 + S&H
Reduces the frequency and severity of pet asthma attacks
$29.95 + S&H
Prevents unpleasant odors, promotes anal gland health.
$34.95 + S&H
Helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer. $43.95 + S&H
Naturally cleanse pet wounds, skin conditions, infections.
$34.95 + S&H
Cushex Drops™
Supports pet adrenal health; treats Cushing's Disease.
$34.95 + S&H
Naturally prevents and eliminates toxins in your pet.
$29.95 + S&H
Digestive Support™
Relieves canine and feline stomach pain and discomfort.
$29.95 + S&H
Ear Dr.™
Naturally treats and prevents ear infections and ear mites
 $26.95 + S&H
Treats and prevents seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats.
 $34.95 + S&H
EasyTravel Solution ™
Prevents canine and feline travel and motion sickness and anxiety.
$29.95 + S&H
Energy Tonic™
Naturally boosts your pet's energy levels. $37.95 + S&H
Naturally treats and prevents eye infections in pets.
$34.95 + S&H
Flatulence Preventer™
Alleviates canine and feline intestinal gas and flatulence.
$23.95 + S&H
Effectively treats, soothes and prevent flea bite dermatitis in dogs and cats.
$34.95 + S&H
FurBall Dr.™
Naturally resolves and prevents cat fur balls. $21.95 + S&H
Controls symptoms of feline and canine diabetes.
 $34.95 + S&H
Grief and Pining Formula™
Improves your pet's sense of well being and security.
 $34.95 + S&H
Prevents gingivitis and tooth decay, improves general dental health in pets.
$34.95 + S&H
Heart and Circulation Tonic™
Controls symptoms of heart and circulation problems in your pet. $21.95 + S&H
Natural cleansing remedy for tear stains in dogs and cats.
$34.95 + S&H
Immunity and Liver Support™
Boosts your pet's immune functioning and resistance against disease and infection. $34.95 + S&H
Treats Kennel Cough and respiratory infections without antibiotics.
$37.95 + S&H
Naturally promotes healthy lactation in nursing pets.
 $34.95 + S&H
Promotes your pet's Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreatic Health. $29.95 + S&H
Muscle and Joint Support™
Treats pets suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease.
$43.95 + S&H
Natural Moves™
Naturally relieves canine & feline constipation. $23.95 + S&H
Parasite Dr.™
Naturally treats canine and feline parasites, hookworm, heart worm, and roundworm.
 $29.95 + S&H
Homeopathic vaccine and treatment for Parvovirus.
$29.95 + S&H
Naturally protects and heals pet's paws.
$34.95 + S&H
Performance Plus™
Improves your pet's physical and mental performance.
$29.95 + S&H
Immediately calms anxious, stressed and highly strung pets
.$34.95 + S&H
Assists with recuperation after surgery or injury.
$34.95 + S&H
Problem Pet Solution™
Controls biting, digging, and barking dogs and puppies.
$34.95 + S&H
ProsPet Drops ™
Naturally treats and prevents BPH and other pet prostate problems. $26.95 + S&H
Provides natural teething relief and promotes strong teeth and bones. $34.95 + S&H
Treats colds and respiratory infections in pets.
$29.95 + S&H
Naturally treats ringworm in pets.
$34.95 + S&H
RuniPoo Relief™
For healthy bowel functioning & digestive health in pets.
$39.95 + S&H
Naturally relieves and prevents pet sinus problems.
$29.95 + S&H
Skin and Coat Tonic™
Restores shine and health to coats, treats pet skin disorders and fur loss.
$34.95 + S&H
Helps your pet lose weight naturally by improving metabolism. $29.95 + S&H
Naturally treats lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses in your pet.
$29.95 + S&H
Naturally treat the symptoms of Hypothyroid conditions in pets.
 $34.95 + S&H
Naturally treats the symptoms of UTI infections in pets. $34.95 + S&H
Vi-Pro Plus™
Provides powerful protection against distemper and many other viral illnesses. $54.95 + S&H
Wound Dr.™
Naturally heals pet wounds, rashes, bites and skin reactions. $34.95 + S&H
We offer a free email Ask Our Experts service run by trained consultants ready to advise you
on the best choice for your health. Please specify which product you need more information
 for in your e-mail.

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