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Go Green : With Gaelic Dreams
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Divination Products

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Tarot Decks , Books and Rune Sets

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tarot decks and other form of divination
Book , Tarot for beginners. In-deapth interpritations of the meanings of the cards and their symbols in easy to understand language. Soft cover 244 pgs.
$12.95 each
Book, Tarot Decoded, Transforms ordinary tarot reading into profound and revealing revelations by explaining the interaction of the individual cards with each other . Find out how neighboring cards in a spead influance each other.
$18.95 each
Book, Complete Book of Tarot Spreads, filled with 122 layouts for you to try. Papaerback, 172 pgs.
Deck, Celtic Dragons. Kit includes 72 full color cards and 216 pg book.
Deck, Complete Tarot, Comes with special edition Rider Waite cards, Crowley Thoth deck, and a 246 page book on the introduction of Tarot. Includes a deluxe cary case.
per set
Druid Animal Oracle, kit includes 33 sacred animal cards, divination cloth, and 176 page illustrated book.
per set
Deck, Egyptian Tarot, Egyptian knowledge is revealed through an enchanting initiatory rite. Includes 160 pg book and 78 cards.
$34.95 per set
Deck, Gay Tarot, The Gay Tarot focuses on the experiences and indentity of homosexual men. While men are portrayed as most of the major figures women are not excluded. 78 unique cards.
$19.95 per deck
Deck, Guilded Tarot, this deck is teeming with gleeming traditional tarot images . This richly colored, easy-to-use deck also features standard symbols for the card suits--swords, cups, wands, and pentacles--which provides universal appeal. This kit also includes The Gilded Tarot Companion, a clear and insightful guidebook to the deck`s structure and each card`s significance.

$24.95 per set
Deck, Classic Rider Waite, the worlds most popular Tarot deck. Cards measure 2.75"x4.75".
$18.00 per deck
Deck, Tarot of the Witches, Cards despicts dream like images in bold colors. 2.75"x4.25"
$18.00 per deck
Deck, Fairies Oracle. Beautifully designed set contains everythingyou need to start using tarot. 66 cards and instruction book included. One of the nicest sets available.
$25.00 per set
Celestial Tarot
deck and complete instructions
22.00 per deck
Easy Tarot
deck with book and complete instructions
deck & book
Mystic Faerie Tarot
deck with book and complete instructions
$24.95 deck & book
Angels , Gods, and Goddesses Tarot
deck with book and complete instructions
$19.95 deck & book
Animal Dreaming Tarot
deck  with instructions
$19.95 per deck
Babylonian Tarot
deck with book and complete instructions
$29.95 deck & book
The Goddess Oracle Tarot  deck with book and complete instructions
$27.00 deck & book
Hidden Path Tarot
deck with book and complete instructions.
$19.95 deck & book
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot with deck and book.
$35.00 per set
Tarot Kit For Beginners, comes with deck and easy to follow instruction book.
$19.95 per set
Tarot deck & book set for DUMMIES. Includes deck & book written in very easy to read format.
$27.00 per set.
Necronomicon Tarot deck & book set for thise who prefer a little more of a dark tarot.
$26.95 deck & book
Gypsy With Playing Cards. Teaches you to use ordinary playing cards to tell fortunes. Each card has a full discription written on it. Comes with instruction sheet.
$7.99 per deck
Voodoo You Love Kit. Complete with your own chargeable Voodoo doll and book of instructions.
$7.95 pet set
The Magic Mirrow with book, mirror and CD. Use like a scrying bowl to devine answers to troubling questions
$24.95 per set
Psychic Circle works like a Ouija board and can answer questions you may be pondering.
per kit
Pendulum kit cotains all the materials you need to answer questions. Come with a brass pendulum and full instructions.
$22.95 per kit
 The Enchanted Spellboard helps us connect, and receive those perceptive messages from the world beyond. Beautiful and is easy
 to use.

$27.95 each kit

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Rune set consisting of of 25 tumbled, polished Amber Onyx ( dyed ) handcrafted with engraved, black-painted lettering.
$23.95 per set
Rune set consisting of of 25 tumbled, polished Amethyst handcrafted with engraved, gold-painted lettering.
$23.95 per se
Rune set consisting of of 25 tumbled, polished Aquamarine ( dyed ) handcrafted with engraved,gold-painted lettering.
$23.95 per se
Rune set consisting of of 25 tumbled, polished Rose Quartz handcrafted with engraved, gold-painted lettering.
$23.95 per se
Rune set consisting of of 25 tumbled, polished Onyx handcrafted with engraved, Gold-painted lettering.
$23.95 per se
Set of 25 natural bone Rune Stones
$18.99 per set
Set of 8 wood Witch's Runes.
$14.99 per set
Made from natural oak branches with bark still on them. Each rune is specially burnt with the Futhark symbol, with 25 runes in each set including the blank rune. Only natural stain (linseed oil) is used to cure the runes, no varnish or unnatural substances. The branches are tempered by the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and time.
$16.99 per set
Rhyming chant used during the circle dance to raise the cone of power in Traditional Wicca covens.
$1.50 per sheet
Connect mind, body, and spirit by using these age-old magical symbols for everything from meditation and divination to healing and magic. Find dozens of ways to lay out the runes to get answers to things you want to know. Learn what all the runes mean, the stories behind them, and how they can enhance every aspect of your life. Paperback, 511 pages.
$9.95 each
This ancient oracular practice has been rediscovered in the twentieth century as we try to simplify our complicated existence. Contains complete descriptions of the 25 runes in divination, four rune layouts, instructions for making runes and accessories, meanings and uses of the runes in Magick, step-by-step guidelines in carving runes and creating talismans, charging of talismans, and more. Paperback, 169 pages
$5.99 each

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